Overview On Drug Laws In Florida

More than a hundred years ago, almost drugs can be freely used for medicinal purposes. However, starting 1900 the first drug laws were created. These federal laws came together in 1970 with the “Controlled Substances Act (CSA)” under Title 11 of the “Law on Prevention and Control of Drugs” in the United States Constitution, where all federal drug charges were coded in one system and are broken down into five categories.

Seeding, possession and drug trafficking belong to a category and therefore have federal sentences for drug offenses independently.

In most states of the United States, this law is used to convict drug crimes. For example, in Florida people who commit minor drug crimes and have no criminal record at the time of his arrest under police drug possession charge can be sentenced to just probation.

In 2000 some changes were made regarding penalties for possession of drugs such as methamphetamine. From 2004 the Supreme Court requires that under the Constitution of the country’s different sentencing guidelines need to have a well-founded process before taking the life of someone or deprive them of liberty.

What Are The Types Of Drug Offenses In Florida?

Drug offenses can be classified as severe crimes or misdemeanors depending on the kind of offense in which incurred in Florida. The penalty also varies depending on the severity of the offense.

  • Possession of controlled substances.
  • Possessing drugs with an attempt to distribute them.
  • Sale of controlled substances.
  • Cultivation and processing the drugs. Cultivation and processing of controlled substance in one’s residence are also an offense.
  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession of controlled substance “Paraphernalia.”
  • Fraud prescription to purchase certain drugs.
  • Launder money obtained from selling drugs.

How Sentencing For Drug Trafficking In Florida?

It is understood that the drug trafficking portion of controlled substances are intended for sale and is considered a serious offense that can cause severe sentences. Currently, drug trafficking has become a global problem which links several categories of crimes such as cultivation, distribution, and sales of illegal substances. Among the types of drugs, one of the most commonly used is marijuana and trafficking of this illegal substance in Florida are also considered a criminal offense. The state of Florida has become frequently used for drug trafficking between Latin America and the Caribbean and the United States point, due to a large number of ports. The state also has lands that can be used for cultivation of marijuana and therefore illegal trafficking of this plant.

Florida has very strict drug-related laws and penalties can be quite severe, depending on the type of drug and some drugs being trafficked. For example, when an individual is accused of illegal drug trafficking and had other serious criminal record and has caused death to others with drug trafficking, this defendant can be sentenced to death penalty. However, drug trafficking using minors makes this a major crime alone and is considered a significant extent about drug trafficking. Drug trafficking in schools or under 18 years old can be sentenced to death. Likewise, those who use children for illegal trafficking of controlled substances may also prove to be sentenced to death.